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It's the little things in life

Before Daft Punk and Justice I listened to metal and before that Outkast and BEFORE that Black Eyed Peas and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Music is good, very good. Especially good music. Why should you listen to Daft Punk? We all know those popular songs like Harder Better Faster Stronger, but the do you know Voyager or Mothership Reconnection? These songs are beautiful and different. They speak to you and inspire you, they pick you up and move you. It's been like that. The little songs that never became singles are always the ones I fall back to. Even if I'm sick of the band, I'll come across a song in shuffle and fall in love with the arist all over again. These songs are the songs that change me. These are the ones that everyone will forget, but not me. Maybe because they are less well known that I like them more, like I subconsiously want to differ myself. And that's true because I don't to be the same as everyone. I want to make my own name. Be different, and that pays off. Revolutionary Ideas weren't made by your average joe but the man who saw the world different. People who said no to what everyone thought. I have ideas. Good ideas. Ideas hat will change the world.


Well this is some inspirational text right here. Great work my friend. Average Joe, cracked me up :P Keep up the good work.

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